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Client Feedback

I can't say enough great things about Rose and Gallery of Wigs.

Our clients are wonderful!! Here is what some of them have to say about us.

Review by KO
Just wanted to send you a special note of thanks for all your help in helping me find a perfect wig that fit my head and style. I am looking forward to wearing the wigs and having the options to fit my personality for any occasion. From the minute my friend and I walked into the store you made me feel like more than a customer. You never rushed me and even listened to my story as to why I needed a wig. Although I lost my hair from receiving chemotherapy for treatment of my breast cancer, I never felt like a patient. You made me feel like a beautiful woman. Thank you for helping me adjust to a new journey in my life. I will forever be grateful.

Review by RD
I just wanted to say Thank You to Linda & Rose for all their help yesterday. My new hair piece looks and feels great. Thank You for taking the time while we went thru about 10 styles to finally find the right one.

Review by CS
Bought a wig from you on Saturday. Was nervous about wearing it to work but everyone loved it and thought I just had a new hair cut. Everyone at your shop was so nice and friendly. I cannot wait to purchase another wig from Gallery of Wigs!!!

Review by RS
Rose, you are always looking for more ways to help, serve and satisfy your clients! Each time I visit the Wig Gallery; you always do your utmost to find that perfect wig for me. You spend hours with me until I am completely satisfied and happy with my wig selection! I love all the gorgeous wigs I’ve purchased from your shop. The wigs are excellent quality and not overpriced! Rose you have outstanding work ethnics and compassion with all of your customers.

Review by CG
Just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me in picking out just the right wig. I had gone through two previous rounds of chemo that I had lost my hair and bought wigs at other wig galleries. When my hair came back the last time, it was extremely fine and thinning. Even though I had a full head of hair, I was tired of messing with it and was thinking about getting a wig when I met a lady that had purchased one at your gallery and was so pleased with you. From the first time I met you I knew I had made the right decision. You helped me pick out wigs that were right for my face and features and also close to my hair style and color. You never hurried me or made me feel like I was taking up to much of your time even though I kept trying on the same wigs over & over trying to make up my mind. After finally making a decision on the wig, you helped me pick out a color that was the same as my natural hair (gray and all). When the wig came in, you spent so much time with me being sure it fit perfect and the bangs were trimmed to the length I wanted them. When I left with my new wig, I was so pleased with the experience that I wanted everyone to know how great Gallery of Wigs is. A wig is so important to someone that has lost their hair from chemo but it is also important to someone that hair is just thinning due to age. Thank you again for your expertise and taking the time and patience to help me pick out the perfect wig. I'll definitely be back

Review by DG
Gallery of Wigs gave me my identity back!! After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was forced to face losing my hair. I had long hair all my life and couldn’t imagine losing it. I was given several wig brochures from my Oncologist and when I checked out the huge selection of wigs on the Gallery of Wigs website, I was excited to visit the store. From the moment that I walked in, Rose and her entire staff made me feel like family. There was no sadness of chemo, there was only joy and a non-stop smile on my face. I spent 3 hours trying on wigs and I never felt rushed. My husband told me that trying on these fabulous wigs gave me my identity back. I was going to have hair again and I was thrilled! Rose made a list of all the wigs I picked out and I bought different wigs for different moods. It was fun! I was so amazed at how they look and feel. When I wash them, they retain their shape and still look beautiful. Amazing! I have people ask me all the time “who does your highlights”. Rose and her staff truly are angels and I don’t know what I would have done without them. Thank you Rose!!

Review by BM
I just wanted to say thank you for the positive experience I had with my grandmother in your store last week. Cancer is a hard thing to come to terms with and wig shopping was a daunting thought to me. My grandmother has always been young, fun and "hip" - wigs just don't fit into that box. I was a little nervous about how the wig shopping would go, but you put us at ease the moment we walked into your shop. I
want to thank you for making our experience so positive and fun. You are a true blessing. Thank you so much.

Review by CG of St. Louis
You were right about the colors – they look great! Thank you again for your understanding of my situation- your support has helped me greatly!

Review by RLB
Thank you so much for all your help in selecting a wig and fitting it for my mother. She is delighted with her wig and so appreciative of your help. Thank you again!

Review by NE of Durham
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what the hair piece I purchased from you has done for me. My hair is so thin on top that I was very embarrassed about it. The medicine I am on for a blood disorder is slowly taking my hair “prisoner.” But now I am confident and proud when I go out in public. I no longer seek seats in restaurants and public places away from windows so that people can not see straight through my hair. And the good news, even close friends didn’t realize I was wearing a hair piece. I don’t mind their knowing, I just don’t want them to be able to tell it when they look at me. I have enjoyed sharing the information with a few of them and watching the shocked expressions I get from them.

When I was searching for an answer to my problem, I began making phone calls and asking questions. I was amazed how impersonal and insensitive the people were on the other end of the phone. When you answered, your sweet voice put me at ease right away. Then you took the time to explain what type of help you could offer me. I decided right then to drive to Raleigh to your store. I was not disappointed when I met you in person. Your kindness and help are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for helping me to feel so good about myself. You cannot realize how much it means unless you have the same problem some day and I pray that will never happen. Also, thank you so much for helping me when I damaged my hair piece bending over a hot dryer. You were a life saver. It’s beautiful again.

I look forward to seeing you periodically when I need products to keep my hair pieces in good order.

Review by MP
Thank you again for you assistance in your shop on Saturday. It was so kind of you to stay late and help me with my wig choice. “Sky” is a big hit. My husband loved it. He said it was the best one I ever got. My daughter (11) was all smiles and couldn’t take her eyes off me. My son thought I had grown my own hair out and one of my dear friends exclaimed, “Wow, you look 15 years younger.” Your personalized help was something I could never get on-line. Thank you for being there for me. I will definitely be a return customer because of your gentle and personalized care.

Review by BS
Thank you so very much for helping me purchase my beautiful wig...I love it! That was the highlight of my week and the two of you made it that way. I enjoyed meeting you and am looking forward to my next wig because of your kindness and true caring it will be another treat for me. Will see you soon!

Review by GR
From the minute my girlfriend and I walked in the Gallery, we were treated like family. Within the first 10 minutes, Rose found the perfectly matched wig for my red hair, and Ann Marie found the perfectly matched wig for my girlfriend. Obviously, years of experience helped make our shopping a quick and pleasant experience. Even though my husband, daughters and friends knew I was making the 3 hour round trip to the Gallery, when I returned home with the wig on, no one believed me when I told them it was a wig. Several of my friends have already asked for Rose's address and phone number so they can go wig shopping too.

But the true litmus test was when I went to my hairdresser appointment the next week with my wig on. She complimented me on how nice my hair looked. When I told her it was a wig, she honestly DID NOT believe me. She actually had to touch it to believe it. That's exactly what I told Rose I wanted--a wig that didn't look like a wig, and she delivered. I would definitely recommend Gallery of Wigs for so many reasons, and I'll be returning in October with my daughter from Nashville, who also wants a wig.

Thank you, Rose, Linda and Ann Marie. You're the best!!

Review by SO
[My sister] and I cannot express the depth of our gratitude and thanks for the compassion, care and understanding that you and Lynda extended to me while helping me to find a solution to a very personal problem I have had for a number of years. Thank you for your guidance and ability to allow me to trust you in my decision. You have a very caring and courteous staff including Anne-Marie whom we met on Saturday. I will be very proud to recommend you to others.

Review by JN
One of the first things I did when I heard that I had breast cancer was to research wigs. I went to Gallery of Wigs with the intention of spending a lot of money and getting a "real hair" wig. After my discount, I left with a $200. synthetic wig and couldn't be happier with it. It has made all the difference in my life while going through my treatments. I actually look better than before. People are now constantly telling me how great I look.

The wig has beautiful highlights, a great cut and can part anywhere you want it. When the wind blows the hair still looks natural. The wig is very, very easy to take care of. I wash it, towel dry it and hang it on its stand. The actual hair is made in Japan. When it is dry it looks exactly like it did the day I bought it. There is no styling necessary at all. The quality is wonderful. The only thing that reminds me that it is synthetic is that I have to take it off when using the oven. That sudden blast of hot air can singe the ends.

In contrast, a real hair wig is hot and the styling is a lot of work. You'll be shocked at how far synthetic wigs have come. Even Gallery of Wigs cheaper wigs are good looking. They are higher quality and much more "real looking" than those places with the $39 wigs with the sewn-in part that scream "wig".

In addition, the people at Gallery of Wigs are wonderful. I dealt with Rose. She is a gentle and kind soul with a great sense of humor. She gave me a lot, a lot of time and was never pushy. After my treatments started she sent me a few handwritten notes with coupons for future wigs. The shop has everything in it that you need. It showed me how someone can run a business well and still be a good and caring human being.

As you can see, I can't say enough nice things about my experience at Gallery of Wigs. I think the vulnerability you feel when you have been diagnosed with cancer makes you particularly thankful for the gifts given to you. Looking good during this time has changed my attitude. Dealing with kind, honest and knowledgeable people was a gift from heaven.

Review by SH of Mebane
Dear Rose and Lynda, I wanted to thank you so much for being so gracious when I came to your store. I was so nervous and stand-offish and you both were so sweet and comforting. I know I kept you late and you didn’t rush me and still took the time to customize my wig. I know a place to go where the people are fabulous whenever I want to try something new! You are both so wonderful.

Review by MD
I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful compliments I get on my hair when I wear the wig I bought at your store. Nobody asks whether it's a wig; everyone assumes I got a new hair style. Everyone, even my dentist, has remarked on how great my hair looks and how it makes me look younger. So, you definitely made a hit with this one!

Review by SH of Knightdale
It was a time of family crisis ... my precious sister, Linda, detected her breast cancer on Thanksgiving morning 2007. Linda was so very brave throughout the decision-making process, the surgery and her recovery. Shortly after beginning chemo, Linda was blessed with finding the Gallery of Wigs and its wonderful owner, Rose, and her staff. Linda and I had a wonderful time filled with fun and laughter while buying wigs together. My sister won her battle against cancer and has become a true survivor through her courage, dignity, faith and through the support of Rose and her staff. Rose and her staff don't just sell wigs; they touch the heart with their loving and gentle nature and their sincere encouragement, compassion and caring !!!

Review by LB2
Walking into the Gallery of Wigs is like coming home - a welcoming place. It is a haven .. a place where angels (Rose and her staff) gather to serve those who have a wounded spirit or who are walking a journey of physical or emotional struggle and need some extra TLC, or those just looking to have some fun with "new hair". There's never any pressure to buy, always encouragement, integrity, respect and honesty. A special spirit is alive in the building - one of love, acceptance, understanding, laughter ... a temporary healing place! One that beckons you to return even when there's no more need for a wig :-)

Review by JC
Just wanted to thank you again for your help in choosing my new hair style. You both made what was a dreaded occasion turn into a pleasant one. I am ready to face the world with my wonderful new style. Thank you both for your kindness.

Review by EJ
Thank you so much for all your help in purchasing my wig. I love it! I won't wear my old wig anymore so I think I had better order another one.

Review by LW - a husband's point of view
My wife and I absolutely LOVE the two wigs we purchased from you several months ago. I call one wig Sassy and the other Frisky. We're partial to Frisky. It's so youthful, carefree and happy and everybody, and I mean everybody, says they love it (both actually). You were so helpful in our selection and so reasonable. Your friendship, and the beautiful wigs, have meant much to us in an otherwise trying time. Best to The Gallery!

Review by LO
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way you have taken care of me! I love my new "do" and I get lots of compliments on how natural it looks. Thank you for the special treatment and for all the ways you have helped me.

Review by NC
Everyone compliments me on my wig, some say it looks like my real hair. The girl at a checkout counter said she loves my hair style...she thought it was my real hair! Thanks for all your help. I hope to come by again.

Review by CL
After losing my hair from chemo I had 2 choices. One to sulk and the other to embrace my new found freedom. I ran over to the Gallery of Wigs, met Rose, and began my new journey! I bought 3 wigs and named them all. We only have one life to live and I'm not about to spend my time in a closet because I don't have hair. The wigs are gorgeous and fun. Easy to care for and to be honest, I don't know if I want my real hair to grow back. These wigs are always beautifully styled and you can be ready in record time! I highly recommend going to the Gallery of Wigs and seeing what's available. Its mind blowing how many there are to pick from and all the colors they come in. I promise you won't leave without one! All the women are so helpful and you'll feel like a million bucks when you leave and wake up the next day ready to embrace your situation. Feeling great is the only way to start EVERY DAY for the rest of your life!

Review by MS
You have such a wonderful collection it was difficult to choose, but with your honesty and candor I feel I selected the most age, color and style appropriate wig that suits me to a “T”. The upkeep of the wig is so easy it doesn’t take 5 minutes... It is so realistic and natural looking; people just assume it's my natural hair. I have had women ask me for my stylists' name and number and I just smile... I can't tell you how much it has lifted my self esteem and spirits. I no longer dread going out in public and fending off the stares, it has lightened my heart, put a bounce in my step and made me feel prettier than I did before I lost my hair. It truly has put a song in my heart and I sing it constantly - I feel pretty, Oh so pretty...... I look forward to seeing you in May when we come up to get me a new “summer do”! God bless you and thank you for helping hundreds of women like myself in a dark time in their life. You are an angel!

Review by LB
Everyone who has seen this wig on me is VERY complimentary and I thank you so much for your help. I've told many people about you and the shop.

Review by NZ
Thank you so much for helping me select my wig when I recently visited your shop. You are such a compassionate, caring person who professionally offered much needed advice. I will not forget how positive my experience was.

Review by SH
I am loving the auburn wig ... what compliments I've received.... ;-) It's only 8:30, and I've had 3 people comment saying things like, "you've changed your hair haven't you and I love it... I really like your hair and the color too.... I really like the way your hair looks today...." Amazing that no one even noticed that it's a wig. I absolutely love this length and style on me.

Thanks again for a great time at your shop, and thank you for spending so much time with us making the new wig decision... I really appreciate it.

Review by SP
Thank you for all your help in choosing a new wig ... it just looks so natural.

Review by BA
I always wanted long hair! Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be that girl with the long, flowing tresses of beautiful hair, who could sweep it over her shoulder or tuck it behind her ear. The problem own hair just wasn't meant to grow that way. When my natural hair grows, it seems to get finer, not thicker. The moment my natural hair reaches past my ears, it begins to frizz. Growing my own hair just isn't an option. I had reached my 40's and given up every having the hair I wanted.

Then I found Gallery of Wigs and the lovely Rose! From the moment I walked in to her store, Rose was wonderful and patient. She helped me try on piece after piece, and gave me feedback of which looked good, which didn't work for me, and which looked down right comical. Never pushy, and always sweet, Rose was professional and knew her product like she had made the wigs herself. I was excited about finding the right one for me, because SHE was excited about helping me find it.

I found my long hair that first day. I ordered my perfect color, and left to await its arrival. Within a few days, Rose called to say it was waiting for me. What great fun it was to go and put on my very own long hair, get a professional "cut", and walk out with the perfect hair for whenever I wanted to wear it.

Here's what I like about my wig from Gallery of Wigs:

  • I can always have perfect hair without the work of "doing it" before I go out. I just put it on.
  • My new hair is virtually maintenance-free. There is some maintenance, but much less than my natural hair.
  • When I don't want to mess with long hair, I just don't wear the wig! Then I have short hair again.
  • When I needed a little more trimmed around the bangs of my wig, I just went back to Rose, and she did the job. No fuss.
  • Perfect strangers stop and compliment my hair! That's never happened before.

Now I have 3 wigs from Rose's Gallery of Wigs. I loved my first one so much; I had to come back for more. And don't think I'll stop with 3. Having all these different styles to choose from only makes me want more. Knowing I can go in confidence to Gallery of Wigs and get high-end hair pieces, with excellent customer service, will keep me coming back to this place.

I can't say enough great things about Rose or Gallery of Wigs.