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Caring for Synthetic Wigs

General Care

  • For best results, only use products specifically made for synthetic wigs.
  • On straight styles use a brush only occasionally, combs are easier on the fabric.
  • On curly styles, use fingers or a wide tooth comb for styling. Brushing may pull out the curl pattern.
  • Always be as gentle as possible.
  • For styles worn daily, we suggest washing it once a week.
  • Be careful not to allow anything with heat to touch synthetic hair. For example: hairdryers or curling irons. Also, be careful checking on food in your oven, if you get too close it could cause damage to the fibers.

Cleaning Instructions

  • To wash your wig, mix about one teaspoon of shampoo in cool water.
  • Bathe your wig in the soapy water. Allow it to soak for a few minutes. This allows time for it to deodorize.
  • Rinse with clean cool water. You may need to rinse twice to get out all the shampoo.
  • Gently pat dry with a towel. Do not comb or brush while wet!
  • Spray conditioner: Hold the wig upside down and lightly spray.
  • Liquid conditioner: Fill basin while adding a small amount of conditioner, put wig in and allow to soak for a few minutes. rinse with cool water. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Place over a plastic wig stand to dry. The stand will allow air to pass through your wig while maintaining its original size and shape. If you wash it in the evening, it will be dry by morning.
  • For curly styles, scrunch hair together with your hands while it is still damp, to maintain curl.
  • Once your wig is dry, gently comb to desired style.
  • If you have a petite wig do not allow it to dry on a Styrofoam head, as it may stretch the cap.

Please feel free to call us at 919-785-1085 if you have any questions.